Review of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S2/E18, “The Frenemy of My Enemy” (21 Apr. 2015) – SPOILERS

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Warning: spoilers below

Several story lines converge in this episode:

  • Jiaying has decided that Cal cannot stay in the community of Inhumans. He is not an Inhuman, after all, and his presence brings attention to the relationship between Jiaying and Skye. Jiaying plans to have Gordon take him home to pick up some of his things, but will leave him there. Skye worries that he will get angry and hurt people. While Jiaying does not care about the innocent people, Skye is concerned. She decides to go back to Milwaukee with him, to try to soften the blow. Cal and Skye are looking for ice cream, talking about the plans that Cal had for Skye’s childhood that they missed. Skye pickpockets a cell phone and calls SHIELD, allowing Agent May to track their location. Cal and Skye finally arrive at his old office. Meanwhile Lincoln has been following them and is discovered. …
  • Coulson and his team—Hunter, Deathlok, and Fitz—approach Ward and Agent 33 to help them find the remaining leaders of HYDRA, Strucker and Dr. List. They have captured Bakshi and have him set up a meeting with List, with Deathlok as his “bodyguard.” Coulson’s team is following the HYDRA jet and monitoring the situation through Deathlok’s sensors. Bakshi appears to double-cross Coulson by betraying Deathlok, but Ward convinces them to stand down and play along. Rather than going to Strucker as planned, however, List mentions that they are chasing a “Quantum Entanglement,” particles that are in two places at the same time, which he believes are created by a powered individual. He is correct: they are looking for Gordon. They land and Bakshi leads a HYDRA team into what turns out to be Cal’s office building. Coulson’s team is right behind them. …
  • Simmons tells Agent May that Fitz had counterfeited “Fury’s Toolbox” and taken the real one when he left. They try to hack into Deathlok’s system to locate Coulson’s team. …

The episode ends with a very cool battle. Cal, Skye, and Lincoln first encounter HYDRA, but Deathlok soon appears. The showdown between Deathlok and Lincoln ends in a bit of a stalemate, but both then get taken out by a HYDRA weapon. We don’t see what happens to them or Cal.

Coulson (with Ward by his side) and Skye finally find each other, just in time for Gordon to show up and whisk Skye away. Coulson’s team escapes. In the final scene Bobbie and May show up, after everyone else has left, and discover Coulson, who surrenders and says, “Take me to your leader.”

This was a strong episode. Each storyline built to the final showdown, and we were left with some very intriguing questions. Eagerly awaiting the next episode!


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