Frank Miller to pen Dark Knight III: The Master Race


Few comic book creators have so clearly redefined a character that all future incarnations could only be seen as derivative. In 1986 Frank Miller wrote and drew The Dark Knight Returns, a four-issue Batman story that changed the perception of Batman from the colorful 1960s-era Adam West superhero to the dark and sometimes twisted Batman portrayed by Michael Keaton and Christian Bale since 1989. (We won’t discuss the Kilmer and Clooney Batmen.)

Scenes from the recently released Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer are strongly reminiscent of scenes from The Dark Knight Returns, which similarly features a fight between Batman and Superman (in the snow rather than the rain). Compare the two images below, from Returns and the new trailer.

Dark Knight Returns


DC Comics published Miller’s long-awaited followup, The Dark Knight Strikes Again, in 2001, but it did not achieve anywhere near the critical and commercial success of its predecessor.

Both series featured not only Batman but also Superman and several other DC Comics superheroes, but neither is considered part of the main canonical continuity.

What do you think? With a Fall 2015 release date, are you looking forward to this release? Will this new series recapture the success of the original?

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