CM Punk to write Drax series for Marvel Comics

At the Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo (C2E2), Marvel Comics has announced that former professional wrestler and soon-to-debut UFC fighter C.M. Punk (Phil Brooks) will be writing a solo series for Drax the Destroyer, to debut in winter 2015.

Punk’s Marvel writing debut was on a story in the anthology Thor Annual #1, released in February 2015.

One interesting aspect of this announcement that has been relatively ignored is that Drax is played on-screen by fellow former professional wrestler Batista (Dave Bautista). The relationship between CM Punk and Batista itself adds a further dynamic to this story:

CM Punk unceremoniously walked out on his WWE contract the night of, and immediately following, the Royal Rumble on 26 January 2014. Batista, making a comeback after an absence of over three years, became the winner of the “Royal Rumble” battle royal, giving him the opportunity to challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania XXX. The earliest reports of Punk’s departure unequivocally connected the two events: CM Punk left because Batista won. When Punk finally publicly gave his reasons for leaving the company, he did not specifically name Batista as one of the reasons, though he did indeed name several names.

Listen to Punk discuss his departure from WWE on The Art of Wrestling podcast with his friend Colt Cabana:


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