#OrphanBlack Twitter contest this Saturday!

The following contest announcement was posted to the Orphan Black Tumblr account:

Want to win an authentic piece of orphanblack wardrobe? WELL TOO BAD WE ARE KEEPING IT FOR OURSE Well you’re in luck! We are reluctantly giving #CloneClub the chance to win a clone-themed prize packs in Orphan Black Season 3′s inaugural WATCH TO WIN!

WHEN TO WATCH: Tune into Episode 3.03: Formalized, Complex, and Costly on SATURDAY, May 2 at 9/8c on bbcamerica.

HOW TO ENTER: During the show, tweet your live commentary with the hashtag#OrphanBlack, and you’re automatically entered to win. So easy, even poor Donnie Hendrix couldn’t eff it up. Watch the live broadcast, tweet the hashtag #OrphanBlack, win. We’ll keep the entry window open during both the East/West coast airings.

PRIZES: The Helena Prize Pack includes a baby shower frock that is sure to make you the star of any clone gathering, along with a Helena Pop! Funko, a OB comic book signed by John & Graeme, and some other OB goodies. The Alison Prize Pack includes a Glendale Community Theatre tee, and the VERY SHIRT worn in the beautiful disaster known as Blood Ties, as well as an Alison Pop! Funko, a signed comic book, and all the extra swiggity swag we can cram into the shipping box.

OFFICIAL RULES: Click here for serious legal talk.

Good luck, #CloneClub.



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