All about Fight Club 2 comic book (out 27 May 2015)

OK, so it’s old news after being first announced back in February, but here are some great things about Fight Club 2, written by creator Chuck Palahniuk and published by Dark Horse Comics.

Issue 1 will be released 27 May 2015.

A special prologue issue will be part of Dark Horse’s “Free Comic Book Day” offerings on 2 May 2015.

Click here to see exclusive artwork from Issue 1, courtesy of Rolling Stone

Click here to see a full six-page preview of Issue 1, courtesy of Playboy

Click here to read the very first review of Fight Club 2, courtesy of The Atlantic

Interviews with author Chuck Palahniuk about Fight Club 2:

MTV (27 April 2015)

About Face Magazine (Spring 2015 issue)

Maxim Magazine (27 March 2015)

Brian Michael Bendis interview for Comic Book Resources (4 May 2015)

 Interview with Scott Allie, editor-in-chief of Dark Horse Comics

Previews World, 26 May 2015


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