The best T-shirt designs on

Note: I am not in any way connected to or paid by (though I am open to any offers). I am just a wrestling fan who wants to support the wrestlers who sacrifice their physical health to entertain us on a nightly or weekly basis.

WWE (and presumably TNA) pay royalties to their wrestlers for sales of T-shirts. But what about all of those independent or retired wrestlers? Many of them have created their own stores at (a division of, where they sell T-shirts—some of which are completely original designs that are not available elsewhere.

The following designs are my favorites. All are available at I’ll also admit that I am not necessarily familiar with all of these wrestlers, but their T-shirts look cool. The wrestlers that I really like, though, do have an advantage in this list.

Click on the name or picture of each T-shirt for purchasing information. Click the wrestler’s name to visit his store.


A. J. Styles, “Japanese Style

Andre the Giant, “Anybody Want A Peanut?

CM Punk, “God Of Thunder

CM Punk, “Good, Bad and the Ugly

CM Punk, “The Pipe Bomb

Kevin Nash, “Blvd Of Broken Dreams


Mick Foley, “Cane Dewey

Mick Foley, “King of the Deathmatch

Mick Foley, “One Giant Leap

Road Warriors, “Legion of Zombies

Steve Austin, “What?

Ted Dibiase, “Million Dollar Zombie

Amy Dumas [WWE’s “Lita”], “Faster, Amy! Kill! Kill!

Christopher DanielsFrankie Kazarian, “Breaking Bad Influence

Dustin Rhodes [WWE’s “Goldust”], “Shattered Dreams

Johnny Mundo [WWE’s “John Morrison”], “Starship Pain



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