Review of Naked Zombie Girl comic book

First, take a minute to watch me open up the package I received from Hectic Films.

Comic book review

Naked Zombie Girl no. 1 begins partway through the story. It does not explain why she is naked, nor how she ended up where we find her. Presumably the movie tells this “origin story.”

The story in the comic book focuses on the NZG’s quest to find her friend. She is picked up by a guy in a truck, who stops by a local liquor store before they head to his zombie-infested tow yard, picking up another guy along the way. That’s basically the extent of the story in this 12-page promotional comic book.

It is, however, a little taste of what the movie might bring. From this book and the trailer, the grindhouse, exploitation quality of the movie is apparent. It reminds me a bit of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, though I would have to see the full movie to know how well the comparison actually fits.

One thing is certain, though: I do plan to watch this movie. And when I do, I will review it here.

More information about the film:

Watch the trailer for Naked Zombie Girl:

And then visit the Naked Zombie Girl website, for more videos and details about purchasing the comic book and the DVD in various packages.


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