Longbox Diving: Comics haul for 11 May 2015

OK, I didn’t get to my local shop on New Comic Book Day, but Mary & I went yesterday. Here’s what we picked up:

New comics (for me):

Secret Wars no. 1

New Avengers: Ultron Forever no. 1

New comics (for Mary):

The Wonderful World of Lisa Simpson (Simpsons One-Shot Wonders: Lisa)

Scribblenauts Unmasked no. 4

Back issues (for me):

Avengers no. 290 (1988)

Avengers West Coast nos. 49 (1989), 56–60 (1990)

World War Hulk: Gamma Corps nos. 2–3 (2007)

World War Hulks no. 1 (2010)

Back issues (for Mary):

 Aliens: Kidnapped nos. 1–2 (1997–98)

Marvel Apes no. 1 (2008)

Zombie War nos. 1–2 (2013)


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