Star Trek fans: #WeWantWorf campaign in full effect

WeWantMuffinsMichael Dorn portrayed Worf (with various ranks), the token Klingon in the Federation, on both Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–94) and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1995–99), as well as the Next Generation-related films and various Star Trek video games. Also a frequent guest at comic book and sci-fi conventions, Dorn is one of the most popular Trek alums.

In recent years, Dorn has actively and vocally petitioned for a new Star Trek spinoff series featuring Worf as the Captain of his own Federation starship. A number of videos and websites have recently sprung up with the hashtag #WeWantWorf in support of this campaign. There are even two separate pages for Star Trek: Captain Worf on Facebook—one and two—and a “WeWantWorf” Facebook community.

Watch the teaser trailer below, or click here for an entire video playlist brought to us by TheCinemaSource, a #WeWantWorf supporter.


The most interesting—and hilarious—part of the campaign is sponsored by The Cinema Source and Sweet E’s Bake Shop. The campaign will send baskets of mini-muffins to CBS executives urging them to green-light the Captain Worf project. The goal is to send one million mini-muffins by the end of June 2015. To donate some mini-muffins to the cause, visit

Worf was really not much more than a bit player on The Next Generation. His role on Deep Space Nine, however, had more of an impact. For several seasons, not only was DS9 one of my favorite television programs, but Worf was one of my favorite characters. I think a series starring Dorn as Worf could potentially continue this character development, maintain the darker tone of DS9, and be a great new chapter in the Star Trek story.


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