A Tribute to Rick Moranis #NerdHeroes

Rick_MoranisA veteran of SCTV, comedy legend Rick Moranis burst onto the Hollywood scene with 1984’s classic Ghostbusters. For the next ten years, he was the quintessential nerd, from Ghostbusters‘ Louis “the Key Master” Tully to Spaceballs‘ evildoer Dark Helmet to The Flintstones‘ archaeo-nerd Barney Rubble. He made a movie almost every year from 1984 until 1990.

In 1991 Rick’s wife Ann sadly passed away from complications with breast cancer. After that Rick began to retreat from the acting life. He made only two more movies. By 1997 he “officially” retired to become a stay-at-home dad and raise his children.

Those lucky children are now adults, so could Moranis be preparing for a return to the screen? In a 2013 podcast interview he said he’s “not interested in doing anything I’ve done in the past.” Listen to the whole interview here.

Then celebrate the man with this scene from one of my favorite Moranis movies, Little Shop of Horrors:

Selected Filmography


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