Review: Fight Club 2, issue 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

FightClub2_1_signedFight Club 2
Issue # 1, May 2015
Dark Horse Comics

Chuck Palahniuk published Fight Club in 1996. I am Joe’s Beautiful Start to an Amazingly Twisted and Off-Beat Writing Career. Of course, most people have not read the book. They remember the amazing 1999 Brad Pitt and Edward Norton film directed by David Fincher. I am Joe’s Spoiler Warning.

Alright, well, normally I would offer a spoiler warning here, but if you haven’t seen Fight Club yet, then you probably aren’t actually reading this review.

At the end of Fight Club it was revealed that Tyler Durden was a multiple personality/figment of the narrator’s fractured mind. The narrator presumably freed himself from this alter.

Fight Club 2 begins years later with the narrator, whose name is finally revealed as Sebastian, happily married with a child. Married to Marla, who still sneaks into support group meetings. With a kid who makes homemade gunpowder.

Both Marla and Sebastian’s psychiatrist secretly awaken Tyler Durden on a regular basis without Sebastian’s knowledge. Of course, Tyler is still recruiting new soldiers but Sebastian has drugged himself into ignoring the obvious signs that Tyler is not gone. Tyler is also continuing with Project Mayhem, on a global scale.

I won’t spoil what happens next, but the end of this first issue clearly displays Palahniuk’s acumen for the unexpected. This series is certain to deliver the same twists and turns that all of his writings do.

I just wonder if they plan to turn it into a movie. Both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton could use a new hit to recapture the magic of their 1999 careers.


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