Comics and toys haul (20 June 2015) [video]

Before I get to today’s haul, I totally forgot to mention the comics I bought last weekend (13 June 2015):

Marvel Zombies (2015) no. 1

Planet Hulk (2015) no. 1

Ultimate End (2015) no. 1

Now take a look at Mary’s and my haul. Links to purchase the comics online are below the video:


This week’s comics:

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars (2015) no. 2

Old Man Logan (2015) no. 1

Old Man Logan (2015) no. 2

Squadron Sinister (2015) no. 1

True Believers: Planet Hulk (2015) no. 1

Back issues

Challengers of the Fantastic (Amalgam Comics, 1997) no. 1

The X-Files Conspiracy: The Crow [Subscription Variant cover] (2015) no. 1

Find comics, statues, toys, and more at!


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