Review: American Ninja Warrior, Orlando Trials (22 June 2015)

The seventh season of American Ninja Warrior continued with the Orlando, Florida, qualifying round.

Photo by: Alex Menendez/NBC

The course had six obstacles:

1. Quintuple Step
2. Rolling Log
3. Paddle Boards
4. Tire Swing
5. Double Tilt Ladder
6. Warped Wall

The first to complete the course was Chad Hohn, a third-time competitor, who ran through the obstacles while bleeding from his head after an accident on the Rolling Log. Hunter Sipes became the first rookie to complete the course. Another rookie, Jon Alexis Jr., became the tallest competitor to complete the course, at 6′ , as well as the fastest time of the night.

Several legends faced the challenge in Orlando: Travis Rosen, James McGrath, Drew Drecshel, and “Flip” Rodriguez. Drew and Flip—long known for their speed—vowed to take their time on this course. Drew finished with the seventh-fastest time, and Flip with the third-fastest. For the first time, Flip also ran the course without his trademark mask.

In total, twenty-five competitors finished the course.


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