Comics haul & Walking Dead mystery mini unboxing (24 June 2015) #NCBD

Here is our latest haul of new comics & back issues. Follow the links below the video to purchase some of these issues at 10% off.


New releases:

Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies (Marvel) no. 1

Fight Club 2 (Dark Horse Comics) no. 2

Uncanny Avengers (Marvel) no. 5

Secret Wars (Marvel) no. 2 – Cover C Variant (Yasmine Putri)

Back issues:

Hit-Girl (Icon Comics) no. 1

Hit-Girl (Icon Comics) no. 2

Hulk (Marvel) no. 11 – Ed McGuinness Wolverine Art Appreciation Variant

Hulk (Marvel) no. 13

House of M: Avengers (Marvel) no. 1

iZombie (DC/Vertigo) no. 25


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