Crazy lady at Barnes & Noble?

Pop Quiz: Who recognizes what is going on here?

[Answer after the video]

The entire encounter is a staged performance to promote a local production of an adaptation of Stephen King’s Misery.

Stephen King’s novel Misery was published in 1987.

In the book, author Paul Sheldon has just finished writing his latest novel when he crashes his car in a snowstorm. He is rescued by a woman named Annie Wilkes, his “number one fan” and a former nurse who takes him to her nearby home to restore his health.

Sheldon is most well known for a series of Victorian-era romance novels featuring the character Misery Chastaine, but has decided to end the series. When Annie reads the final novel, in which Misery dies, she violently forces Sheldon to write a new Misery novel.

A movie adaptation of Misery was released in 1990 starring James Caan as Paul Sheldon and Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes. Bates won the 1990 Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance.


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