Deadpool red-band trailer coming …

The following was posted to the Deadpool Movie Twitter feed this morning (3 Aug. 2015 at 11am):

My suspicion is that this trailer will be the “finished” version of what was shown at San Diego Comic-Con last month.

“The Merc with a Mouth” often breaks the Fourth Wall in the comic books, so we can expect some of that in the film coming next year. So far, the marketing of this movie has been very meta, including this trailer for a trailer (even featuring “Trailer Voice” saying “In a world …”).

The fact that Ryan Reynolds (who played “Deadpool” in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and campaigned hard to get this movie) has been able to pull off what he has during the past couple years proves that he is a true fan. I am confident that what we get will be a Deadpool fanboy’s dream!

What do you think? Will the Deadpool we get be the Deadpool we deserve?


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