Release schedule & trailers for comic book-based movies

The following dates will be updated as new information is provided. Links for trailers will remain active after movies are released, just for fun.

Marvel Phase 3 Announcement video

Upcoming Movies


6 May: Captain America: Civil War (Disney/Marvel Studios)

27 May: X-Men Apocalypse (20th Century Fox)

3 June: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Paramount Pictures)

5 August: Suicide Squad (Warner Bros.)

4 November: Doctor Strange (Disney/Marvel Studios)


10 February: LEGO Batman Movie (Warner Bros.)

3 March: Wolverine 3 (20th Century Fox)

5 May: Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Disney/Marvel Studios)

2 June: Fantastic Four 2 (20th Century Fox)

2 June: Wonder Woman (Warner Bros.)

16 June: Kingsman: The Golden Circle (20th Century Fox)

7 July: Spider-Man: Homecoming (Sony Pictures)

6 October: Unannounced Marvel-related movie (20th Century Fox)

3 November: Thor: Ragnarok (Disney/Marvel Studios)

17 November: Justice League, Part I (Warner Bros.)

TBD: Bloodshot (Sony Pictures)


12 January: Unannounced Marvel-related movie (20th Century Fox)

16 February: Black Panther (Disney/Marvel Studios)

16 March: The Flash (Warner Bros.)

4 May: Avengers: Infinity War, Part I (Disney/Marvel Studios)

6 July: Ant-Man and the Wasp (Disney/Marvel Studios)

13 July:Unannounced Marvel-related movie (20th Century Fox)

27 July: Aquaman (Warner Bros.)

5 October: Unannounced DC Comics film (Warner Bros.)


8 March: Captain Marvel (Disney/Marvel Studios)

5 April: Shazam (Warner Bros.)

3 May: Avengers: Infinity War, Part II (Disney/Marvel Studios)

14 June: Justice League, Part II (Warner Bros.)

12 July:  Inhumans (Disney/Marvel Studios)

1 November: Unannounced DC Comics film (Warner Bros.)


3 April: Cyborg (Warner Bros.)

1 May: Unannounced Marvel Comics film (Disney/Marvel Studios)

19 June: Green Lantern Corps (Warner Bros.)

10 July: Unannounced Marvel Comics film (Disney/Marvel Studios)

6 November: Unannounced Marvel Comics film (Disney/Marvel Studios)


Bloodshot 2 (Sony Pictures)

Harbinger (Sony Pictures)

Harbinger 2 (Sony Pictures)

Harbinger Wars (Sony Pictures)

The Goon (Blur Studio), directed by David Fincher

Past Movies

20th Century Fox “Throwback” Trailers


20 July: The Dark Knight Rises (Warner Bros.)


14 June:  Man of Steel (Warner Bros.)

8 November: Thor: The Dark World (Disney/Marvel Studios)


7 March: 300: Rise of an Empire (Warner Bros.)

4 April: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Disney/Marvel Studios)

1 August: Guardians of the Galaxy (Disney/Marvel Studios)


13 February: Kingsman: The Secret Service (20th Century Fox)

1 May: Avengers: Age of Ultron (Disney/Marvel Studios)

17 July: Ant-Man (Disney/Marvel Studios)

7 August: Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox)


12 February: Deadpool (20th Century Fox)

25 March: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Bros.)


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