Does DC have a TV and movie “Crisis” up its sleeve?

This past week the powers behind the DC Cinematic Universe revealed that the upcoming Flash movie (to be released in 2018) will be using the Barry Allen version of the character. This, of course, is the same version of the Flash that is starring in the eponymous hit TV show. The movie and TV universes will reportedly not be crossing over. The two Barry Allen/Flash characters will be played by completely different actors.

Could this be the beginning of an Earth-One/Earth-Two separation? DC Comics created their multiverse during the 1970s as a way to separate stories from the Golden Age characters from the more modern Silver and Bronze Age stories featuring the same characters. In the mid-1980s, they created a huge crossover event called “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to bring all of the continuities together into a single universe. During this “Crisis” they destroyed Earth-Two, killing several redundant characters notably including Supergirl. Yes, the same Supergirl who will be starring in her own TV show this fall.


DC Entertainment/Warner Brothers has kept its Cinematic Universe plans much closer to the chest than Marvel has. While Marvel makes huge announcements detailing all of their plans for the next five years, DC quietly releases their movie plans at a stockholders meeting. So far the Justice League movies are the most ambitious projects they have on the slate, but could there be something bigger that just hasn’t been announced?

As DC’s TV universe continues to grow in both quantity and popularity (with ArrowFlash, and Gotham, soon to be joined by Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl), the future of a “Crisis” will likely depend entirely on the success of the movies. So far, buzz around Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad has been mixed. Personally I am fairly optimistic about both of them. (I also like Man of Steel.)

If the quality of all of their upcoming movies can stay as high as the quality of Marvel’s movies, the fans will be begging for a huge crossover movie. What better way to accomplish this than to use the granddaddy of all huge crossover comic book stories?

What do you think? Could this work?