WWE Extreme Rules (2015) Results

Tonight the WWE Network presented Extreme Rules. My predictions from a few days ago can be read here.

The first match was Neville vs. Bad News Barrett. Barrett’s scheduled opponent, Daniel Bryan was not medically cleared to perform, so the white-hot newcomer Neville filled in. As expected, Neville performed a number of gravity-defying acrobatic moves. What was not expected was that the WWE’s newest “rookie” defeated Bad News Barrett–kicking out multiple times from Barrett’s trademark offence and landing his own insane corkscrew-flip-splash from the top rope. (I’m not sure what that move is called, but it is amazing!)

Winner: Neville (predicted winner: Daniel Bryan)

Next came Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus in a “Kiss My Arse” match. Ziggler snuck out a win, but Sheamus hit him with a low blow and a brogue kick after the match. It looks like this rivalry will continue for at least another match or two. Big surprise: no one kissed anyone’s arse.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler (predicted winner: “too close to call (but I hope it’s Ziggler)”)

The third match was Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper in a Chicago Street Fight match. The match began, but then the two competitors left in a truck. They drove back in after the tag team match (see below) and finished the match in the ring surrounded by and using dozens of chairs.

Winner: Dean Ambrose (predicted winner: Dean Ambrose)

The match for the tag team championships, Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day, really didn’t do much other than highlight that Cesaro is way better than this. I wasn’t too interested, frankly, in either team. However, the match did have a very surprising ending, with New Day winning the championships. I still don’t care about them at all. Hopefully, though, Kidd & Cesaro dropped the belts so that they could break up and Cesaro will get that big push that he has deserved since his last nonsensical tag team (“The Real Americans”) broke up, at Wrestlemania XXX.

Winner (and new champions): The New Day (predicted winner: “Meh”)

The United States championship match with John Cena vs. Rusev (Russian chain match) went about as expected. Both competitors made it halfway around the ring several times before their opponent halted their progress. The finish was set up very well, with both competitors hitting three posts in opposite directions, leaving only the fourth. Rusev rushed toward the last post but was stopped by Cena, who then tagged it himself for the win. I am not really sure why Cena’s last move didn’t reset the turnbuckles, as offensive maneuvers had been doing throughout the rest of the match. I guess because Cena.

Winner: John Cena (predicted winner: John Cena)

Nikki Bella retained her Divas championship vs. Naomi after interference from her sister Brie Bella. Whatever. When’s Paige coming back? Or can we bring Lita out of retirement?

Winner: Nikki Bella (predicted winner: “Smoke break”)

The next-to-last match, Roman Reigns vs. Big Show in a “Last Man Standing” match, was not nearly as slow and plodding as some fans feared. The end was very good, with Reigns first spearing Show through the padded barricade into the timekeeper’s area. After both had risen to their feet, Reigns nailed a spear from on top of the regular announce table through the Spanish announce table. He then flipped the regular announce table over on top of Big Show, even standing on it to ensure that Show wouldn’t get back to his feet.

Winner: Roman Reigns (predicted winner: Roman Reigns)

An unannounced match between Ryback and Bo Dallas passed a few minutes, probably so someone could get the cage ready. Very little offense and it was over quickly.

Winner: Ryback (no prediction)

The main event Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Championship, with Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins, went back and forth between both competitors through most of the match. Several times Rollins tried to escape by either climbing the cage or going through the door but was stopped by Orton. Finally, the expected interference from the Authority occurred. Kane actually prevented J&J Security from entering the ring, but when he also refused to open the door for Orton, Rollins inadvertently drop-kicked the door into Kane, knocking him back. J&J had entered the ring, but Kane went into the cage and double-choke-slammed both of them. Then he choke-slammed Orton, followed by a choke slam to Rollins. Kane flipped Rollins on top of Orton, but Orton kicked out. Orton hit Kane with an RKO, followed by Rollins hitting Orton with an RKO. Rollins then escaped through the cage door to retain his title.

Winner: Seth Rollins (predicted winner: Seth Rollins)

Overall: The show was decent. There were a few surprising outcomes, like the Neville and New Day victories. I would expect about half of the rivalries to continue (Ziggler vs. Sheamus, Cena vs. Rusev, Orton vs. Rollins)–they simply didn’t have clean, conclusive ends to them here. The other half of the matches didn’t really have solid storylines to begin with, so who knows what might happen? The endings of most of the matches were pretty exciting, with several good spots on the part of both competitors.

If I had to rate it, I’d give it a 6.5 out of 10. Definitely not bad, but I just wasn’t really invested in almost 1/2 of the matches.


Predictions for WWE Extreme Rules (26 April 2015)

Here are my predictions for this Sunday’s WWE pay-per-view Extreme Rules:

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus (Kiss Me Arse Match)
It’s hard to know what WWE has planned for Dolph Ziggler. It almost feels like he is a perpetual mid-carder. It doesn’t look like he’ll be given a main event run at any time in the near future. Sheamus, on the other hand, might be getting a slow build back into the main event picture. WWE seems to prefer wrestlers of his stature in the main event.
That said, I know who I want to win, but I just really don’t know who is going to win. One thing I can be almost certain of: no one is kissing anyone’s arse.
Winner: too close to call (but I hope it’s Ziggler)

Roman Reigns vs. Big Show (Last Man Standing Match)
I think the Big Show is on the verge of retirement. Why else would he be given the battle royal win at Wrestlemania? One last hurrah is the only excuse I can think of.
Roman Reigns needs a better push. The fans didn’t accept the first push. Don’t count him out of the main event picture, though. A win over Show in a last man standing match—especially if it results in Show’s retirement, which it just might—would help to give Reigns a little more credibility. Will it be enough to win over the cynical Chicago fans? Only if the match works.
Winner: Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper (Chicago Street Fight)
I like Luke Harper’s potential, but he hasn’t really clicked. He was a perfect, creepy fit with the Wyatt Family. I just don’t get his character since the end of they disbanded. I also don’t get this whole feud. Ambrose is one of the most over Superstars in the company at the moment. The feud made a little sense when they were both pursuing the Intercontinental Championship, but now they seem to just be fighting because they don’t know who else either of them should fight.
Hopefully this will be the last match between these two. Ambrose should win, because losing won’t help anyone. I can envision a run-in finish, though, to screw Ambrose out of the win, setting up Ambrose’s next feud.
Winner: Dean Ambrose (unless he gets attacked by someone else)

WWE Tag Team Champions Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs. The New Day
It’s funny that both of these teams exist because WWE didn’t know what to do with their talent. None of these five guys has a workable gimmick. New Day sucks as a team, though as individuals they are talented. (I loved Consequences Creed when he was with TNA.)
I’m just not vested in either team. There doesn’t seem to be a story here. Bottom line: I really don’t care.
Winner: Meh

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs. Naomi
I miss Lita, Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Ivory, Jacqueline, and all those Divas who were actually wrestlers. Divas matches that don’t include A. J. Lee or Paige—the only two on the roster with that old spirit—seem like commercials for shows I don’t watch (like Total Divas).
Winner: Smoke break

Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett
Daniel Bryan may not be able to perform. I don’t know how serious his complications are, but I hope he recovers well. That said, if this match does happen, I fully expect him to win. I pretty much expect Daniel Bryan to always win. When he loses, the fans riot.
Winner: Daniel Bryan

United States Champion John Cena vs. Rusev (Russian Chain Match)
Cena works very hard. He loses a lot of matches, but god forbid when he wins, people say his opponent was buried. I get that some people aren’t interested in John Cena. I’m not particularly interested in him. I respect him, but just don’t care about his matches.
In this match, however, I just don’t see Rusev winning the U. S. title back.
Winner: John Cena

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton (Cage Match, with the RKO Banned)
Orton deserves the win. I’ve never been sold on Seth Rollins. His “Authority” character has grown a bit stale. But WWE seems to really support him. He is athletic and strong, and could easily be at the top of the company for several years.
As much as I like Randy Orton, I bet the cage match will not end clean. Most likely either Rollins keeps the title through a disqualification or Orton gets beaten down by the Authority.
Winner: Seth Rollins

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below..