Blogs & Podcasts I Enjoy

I am not affiliated with any of the following blogs or podcasts. I simply like them and read them whenever I have the opportunity. If you like ClutterStuff, you might enjoy some of these.

If you write a blog that you want me to check out and (possibly) add to this list, feel free send me a link via email to

AEIOU and Sometimes Why (blog)

B+ Movie Blog (blog)

Bag and Bored (blog)

Branded in the 80s (blog)

The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks (blog & podcast)

Comparative Geeks (blog)

Constant Collectible (blog)

Cool and Collected (blog)

Cover 2 Cover (blog)

Cult Film Club (blog & podcast)

Drosky’s Existential Crisis on Infinite Earths (blog)

Funk’s House of Geekery (blog)

Geek Brevity (blog)

Geekritique (blog)

Giant Size Comic Things (blog & podcast)

Graphic Policy (blog)

He Geek She Geek (blog)

Junk Fed (blog)

Killer Kitsch (blog)

The Land of 10,000 Things (blog)

Long and Late Movies (podcast)

Longbox Graveyard (blog)

Monsters of Geek (blog)

Nerd Lunch (blog & podcast)

Our Nerd Home (blog)

Outright Geekery (blog & podcast)

Pop Cult HQ (blog)

Pop Pop! It’s Trash Culture (blog)

Pop Sloth (blog)

The Pull List (podcast)

Ratchet’s Hulk Collection (blog)

Rediscover the 80s (blog & podcast)

The Smith Signal (podcast)

Zowie Kerplowie (blog & podcast)


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